Our Lab Created Diamonds

 Our All Diamonds are 100% Guaranteed Conflict-Free Diamonds

STdwellers Lab Created Diamond Vs Natural Mined Diamond

What Are Lab Created Diamonds  ( Lab Grown Diamonds )?

    With Solid ADT (Amorphous-Diamond-Technology) innovation, man-made precious stone gems are implanted into mimicked gems to make a precious stone top that is made of pure carbon SP3 bonds.
This includes a thick layer of sorted out a grid on the surface of these stones and enables them to pass on a look and feel that approximates Authentic Diamonds.Truth be told, in their optical and physical properties, they are the nearest that manufactured precious stones come to normal stones.The upper layer of carbon loans a radiance to these stones that make them emerge among-est the other lab-made stones.

Are Lab-Created Diamonds the Same as Natural Diamonds?

    Most of the people think that lab-created stones are Natural diamonds that are created in laboratories. This is a misconception. Any diamond that is created in a laboratory environment is called Lab Created. A purely carbon-based diamond that is not formed in nature and is created under synthetic conditions is known as LAB-GROWN or CULTURED-DIAMOND.



      Unlike other retailers, every Single STdwellers.com Lab Created diamond is type II, meaning they are the purest form of diamond available. As such, they are harder and more brilliant than a traditional type Ia diamond. Only 2% of earth-mined diamonds will ever reach this level of perfection.

Furthermore, each and every grown diamond is graded and certified by the same leading independent gemological labs that are used to grade earth-mined diamonds.


100% Guaranteed Conflict-Free    

    We are So proud to say Every Single lab-created Diamond From STdwellers is 100% Guaranteed conflict-free, sourced from first world countries where they are treated and cut in a controlled modern-day lab environment.

Unlike earth-mined diamonds, our grown diamonds are created without negatively harming native communities, society, or the earth ( We are PROUD )


Detail Chart: Earth Mined Vs Lab-Created 

Properties Earth-Mined Lab-Created
Guaranteed Conflict-Free No Yes
Hardness (MOHS) 10 10
SP3 Carbon Diamond Bonds (%) 100% 100%
Internal Crystal Structure Face-Centered Cubic Face-Centered Cubic
Hardness Comparable 2.42 2.42
Color Various Grades Various Grades
Price $$$$$$ $$$
Cut Poor to Excellent Very Good to Ideal


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